Adele returns and simply says Hello

Adele may already be 27 years old, but she has today announced that her new album will mark the age 25. As with her first two studio albums, 19 and 21, she has penned a collection of songs that centre around a set time frame. While we are yet to learn how Adele felt when she hit her mid-20s, we are aware that she was in a very different mindset to her earlier two releases.

By 25, Adele was already a worldwide superstar with millions of album sales under her belt. She was married and already a mother. Yet despite all the happiness in her life, she was also battling for her privacy against an increasingly intrusive press, even launching a court case against a photo agency to protect their child from intrusion.

While we may have to wait until November 20 to find out what Adele has in store for us fully, we can for now revel in her return greeting of Hello, which is simply stunning.