Burger Chain Stuffs Burgers With Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Canadian Burger chain, The Works, have announced that they are now selling a burger stuffed with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. The weird combination is created by stuffing a beef patty with the pieces of the chocolate and peanut butter butter confectionary and topped with onion rings, bacon and more peanut butter cups.

If your arteries haven’t clogged up just at the thought of it then maybe a picture will put you off or make you want to try it even more.




The burger, called the “Reese PBC” is part of the “stuff’d burger campaign” and is one of three burgers offered by the chain. The other two burgers appear perfectly normal in comparison to the Reese PBC with one stuffed with chorizo and the other with cheese. How boring!

Just in case the first picture didn’t give you a close enough view of all the peanut and chocolatey goodness oozing out of the burger, take a closer look.


Stuffed burger


If you find yourself in Canada and want to try the burger then you’ll have to pay $15.98 Canadian dollars (£8 approx) for just the burger with sides costing extra.

We won’t be booking a flight to Canada anytime soon just to try one but if you do, let us know what it’s like.