NSFW: Ellis Lacy launches educational YouTube channel

Ellis Lacy has launched a new YouTube channel posting health related educational videos which he claims is intended to help men understand sexual health, diet and fitness.

Showing off his impressive physique which is almost completely covered with tattoos, the 23 year old from Yorkshire is using his assets to educate. The first video posted on the Lad’s Health UK channel features Lacy demonstrating how to put on a condom.

There’s no banana or cucumber here as Lacy applies the condom to his own erect penis. Using the advice available on the NHS website, Lacy’s full frontal demonstration shows the step by step process starting with opening the packet to how to safely dispose of it once it’s been used.

Ellis Lacy

“I did it because there is not enough sex education nowadays especially in schools and it is not practical putting condoms on a banana or a purple fake penis” said Lacy, speaking exclusively to The Gaze.

The video only remained online for a few days before YouTube took it down for breaching its community guidelines. It has since been restored. About this, Lacy said:

“I had a few issues as YouTube didn’t see it as educational at first but now they have seen the light.

“50 percent of the population has a penis so what is the problem with me using mine to help educate them?”

The video has been viewed over 100,000 times on the Lad’s Health UK channel.

Lacy isn’t shy about getting naked and, as we have reported previously, has featured in a series of reviews for Bathmate penis pumps on another YouTube channel of his.

When asked what his plans were for the channel, Lacy said he will be posting fitness training regimes, diet advice and male grooming techniques.

You can view the NSFW version of the video by clicking play below and following the link to YouTube.