Eurovision Song Contest 2016: The best three

Now we know the finalists of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, we’ve picked the three songs we think will or at least should be fighting it out in Stockholm on Saturday night for the winner’s trophy and the job of hosting next year’s competition.


Song: If Love Was A Crime

Artist: Poli Genova

If loving this song was a crime then we are guilty as charged. It certainly has a chorus that the whole arena will be singing along to with Genova singing in her native Bulgarian, repeating the line “О, дай ми любовта” which translates as “Oh, give me love”. We are told that phonetically it is pronounced “O, daĭ mi lyubovta” just in case you too wanted to sing along.



Song: Heartbeat

Artist: Justs

We always love it when we hear something a bit different at the Eurovision Song Contest. Last year Latvia broke the mould with a Bjork-esque performance by Aminata with the song Love Injected. This year, thanks to Aminata taking on the songwriting duties, Latvia has done it again with the song Heartbeats performed by Justs.

The track blends electro pop beats with Justs distinctive voice, which has a gravelly texture to it that delivers a passionate quality to the performance. It might be a bit too out of the box though for the juries and the people voting at home.


Song: J’ai Cherché

Artist: Amir

What’s more attractive than a bilingual hottie? No, seriously. What? We haven’t found anything and that why the representative for France this year is one of our picks. Not only is he hot but it’s actually a good song. It’s very catchy without been overly repetitive and has a strong beat that will have feet tapping across the whole of Europe.

It seems that France are doing their best to improve on their performances of the last couple of years where they finished last and second to last.


Featured image credit: Thomas Hanses