EXCLUSIVE: First look at the SHU Rugby Calendar shoot

The Gaze has been granted an exclusive look at the raw footage that will be used to make this year’s film showing the making of the 2019 SHU Rugby calendar.

The footage features several different settings including the rugby club’s changing rooms, a local shop and a fancy dress party, although the costumes don’t stay on for too long.

As we saw from the trailers released earlier this month, the film retains its very low budget feel with much of the footage filmed on handheld cameras held by players from the team.



Many of the clips we saw are even without sound, particularly the clips filmed at the fancy dress party as music was evidently playing in the background which meant that the audio had to be muted.

Some of the players certainly aren’t shy and are happy to be filmed fully nude with everything on show; however none of the nudity feels overly gratuitous. There’s plenty of full frontal and rear nude shots however most of the players step in front of the camera covering themselves with their hands or a prop. Plenty of the players can also be seen doing certain exercises to make sure they measure up on camera.

One thing we’ve always enjoyed about the SHU Rugby calendars and films is that they champion more normal looking bodies. Not everyone has a six pack which makes a refreshing change in a society where attractiveness seems to be measured based on the number of abs you have.


Our favourite section of footage is when the players attempt to form a human pyramid where they kneeled on all fours on each other’s backs. We are sure that the players stood behind the forming pyramid may have had a more interesting view of the action than those of us watching the film.

The film will be available for purchase this week and can be bought on the SHU Rugby shop website.