First passengers land at Heathrow on new Airbus A350

Finnair flew their brand new Airbus A350 plane to London for the first time with passengers on Thursday.

The Finnish national airline received the first of the 19 A350 aircraft they have on order making them the first European airline to fly the plane and only the third in the world after Qatar Airways and Vietnam Airlines.

The plane is currently undertaking crew familiarisation flights before it enters into long haul service on 21 November giving passengers an opportunity to view the stunning Finnish scenery as they depart Helsinki on flights to a number of European destinations.


Finnair have already announced the routes from Helsinki they intend to use the A350 on including Shanghai, Beijing, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. They also recently announced that they intend to be the first airline to offer flights on the A350 to New York.

The A350 is the latest innovation in aircraft and was developed by French manufacturer Airbus. Officially called the A350XWB, the XWB standing for extra wide body, it is claimed by Airbus that airlines will see a 25% improvement in fuel efficiency.


Passengers will also notice a difference with a large cabin offering a more spacious environment and with advanced air filtration and lower cabin altitude, passengers can expect to arrive at their destination feeling much fresher than they would on older aircraft.

The plane also features onboard cameras that give passengers a pilot’s eye view of the flight on their in flight entertainment screen with a camera on the planes tail for anyone wanting to see the plane in flight .


One of the lucky passengers to be on board for the flight from Helsinki to London Heathrow was self confessed avgeek Colin Alexander-Brown. After his flight he said:

“When i found out that Finnair were flying their new A350 to Heathrow i just had to try it out. One thing that surprised me about the plane was how specious it feels. It is also very quiet in the cabin compared to most other planes I’ve been on.

“The crew were all really friendly and as excited as the passengers to be trying out the new plane. I’m looking forward to flying on it again some time.”

All images courtesy of Colin Alexander-Brown