Grace and Frankie are back on Netflix for second season

It has been announced that the Netflix Original Series, Grace and Frankie, will be returning for a second season in May.

Created by Marta Kaufman and Howard J. Morris, the series centres on the title characters’ unconventional relationship as they find their lives turned upside down.  The pair end up living together following the news that their husbands have been in a homosexual relationship for decades and are leaving them to be together.

The Oscar winning actresses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin return to the roles of Grace, the high living former cosmetics company boss and Frankie, the hippie art teacher who has a thing for yams.

“We’re back, bitches” said the tweet announcing their return. The tweet also included a trailer showing that the pair are still living together in the beach house that the two couples previously shared.

Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are also back as Grace and Frankie’s former husbands Robert and Sol.

There are no clues in the trailer as to whether we will see a 9 to 5 reunion as it was rumoured last year that Dolly Parton could make a guest appearance but we are very excited to see what is in store for the pair.

However, what the trailer does show is that the second series looks to be as funny as the first with plenty of inappropriate jokes about sex, vibrators and masturbation as well as a run in with the police.

Both characters also appear to have new love interests with Grace falling for her old friend, Phil, and Frankie stalking a yam farmer at the farmers’ market. At least she will have a ready supply for making more yam lube!

Netflix have already announced that they have commissioned a third season of the show. Season 2 of Grace and Frankie returns on Netflix on May 6.