SHU Rugby and Rugby Helps Our Heroes Calendars for 2018

The guys from SHU Rugby are back with their 2018 calendar and film and have already achieved their Crowdfunder target to cover the cost of printing the calendar which means that the money raised from all calendars that are sold goes straight to their chosen charity.

SHU Rugby have been producing fundraising calendars since 2001 and the accompanying behind the scenes ‘Making of…’ films since 2007. During this time the calendar has supported many charities and this year they are supporting the Danny Porter Foundation cancer charity.

SHU Rugby will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of every calendar to the charity, and a further £1 from the sale of every film download or DVD.

The remainder of the takings from the film sales goes directly to the club’s Community Development Fund. This fund is used to encourage and enable young people to join the club and take up sport in a safe, supportive and professional environment with professional coaches and equipment. The fund also helps in making the club more accessible by subsiding costs and making taking part more affordable.

The teaser trailer that accompanied the Crowdfunder campaign appears to show that the film and calendar follow a similar theme to the 2017 calendar and film with the shoot taking place in the team’s changing rooms and showers hinting at the film being uncensored and featuring full frontal nudity.



Each year the SHU Rugby Calendar is produced by Paul Manning and this year, Manning has brought back the Rugby Helps Our Heroes calendar.

The Rugby Helps our Heroes calendar project began back in 2010 raising money for the Help For Heroes charity, and after a break of a couple of years it is back.

Players from several rugby clubs have agreed to strip off and take part to help raise money for a worthwhile and well respected cause.

Manning said: “Everybody involved in the project gives their time and services for free, however there are unavoidable costs involved with the project. The main one being the cost of getting the calendars printed.

“This Crowdfunder campaign is set up to raise money to cover the cost of printing so that all the profits raised from the sale of each calendar and film go directly to Help for Heroes.”

For more information on how to support the Help Our Heroes Calendar, visit their Crowdfunder page and see below for a teaser trailer for the calendar and film.



The SHU Rugby and Rugby Helps Our Heroes calendars and films are available from the SHU Rugby Official Online Store.