Review: SHU Rugby 2018 Calendar and Film

The 2018 SHU Rugby calendar and film have been released and it brings its familiar candid look at the players out of their kits.

The film follows the making of the calendar and provides a behind the scenes look at the players as they get naked in a number of different locations. The calendar features photos of the players in the changing rooms, showers, their own homes as well as a local pub.



The film is in three parts and has a run time of over 42 minutes. All the scenes are filmed from multiple angles but rather than editing the footage together, the finished film often repeats the same sequences multiple times but from alternative angles. This isn’t a bad thing as you get to see all the players from several points of view which is very pleasant but it does emphasise that the film is produced on a budget. Some of the footage is even filmed with phones in portrait mode.

The film features a number of short interviews with some of the players where we get to find out a little bit more about them including where they are from, who their favourite players are and some embarrassing stories.

One of the biggest things that the SHU Rugby film have going for it is that they give you the feeling that you’re there with them. The intimacy created through filming the players up close and personal¬†is something you don’t often get from other making of films.



We love that the calendar and film are not just full of airbrushed bodies and that the team has a wide variety of body types. Although all the players are generally athletic, different positions in rugby require bodies that range from lean and muscly to tall and broad, and short and stocky. And we get to see a lot of their bodies including some very close-up windmilling!

This year SHU Rugby are supporting the Danny Porter Foundation cancer charity.

SHU Rugby will donate 100% of the profits from the sale of every calendar to the charity, and a further £1 from the sale of every film download or DVD.

The SHU Rugby calendar and films are available from the SHU Rugby Official Online Store.