Review: Warwick Rowers 2017 films

The Warwick Rowers are back and after the success of last year’s films they have returned to both the Boathouse in Warwick and the hills of Andalusia for this year’s instalments and they feature more naked rowers than ever before.

Some old faces return with Tristan, Alex, Lucas, Tom and Will coming back as well as plenty of new recruits including Jacob who we interviewed in November. About getting naked, Jacob said;

“Naturally I felt a little nervous before the first shoot. However as soon as the onesies came off I realised that all my worries had been for nothing.

‘It felt surprisingly natural being naked, and given that we were all naked, no-one felt awkward at all.”


Jacob (left) and the rest of the rowers.
Jacob (left) and the other rowers.


Jacob certainly made an impression and features heavily in the film. He even gives Will a run for his money in certain areas.

Unlike in previous films, the rowers didn’t have the weather on their side and the film shows that the calendar shoot was regularly interrupted by showers and the occasional downpour. This seemed to act as inspiration for many of the photos as the film shows many of the photos taken with the rowers posing with umbrella.


The poor weather inspired some of the photos.


The second film, set in Spain, features six of rowers many of the same places as last year’s film. With the stunning backdrop this film takes advantage of the more favourable weather than the England film with sequences filmed by the pool of the villa from the 2016 film as well as down on the beach.

The Spain film has a much more relaxed vibe to it as we see the rowers unpacking, relaxing and working out all while naked of course.


The purple and silver paint made it to Spain.


The purple and silver paint also made it into the suitcase with the rowers painting slogans including “Love is Love” and the name of the charity they raise money for, “Sport Allies” on each other’s bodies.

As usual, the nudity is uncensored and unabashed with all the rowers comfortable being naked in front of each other and the camera.

The films are available from the Warwick Rowers shop.

SHU Rugby get naked for 2017 film.