Review: Warwick Rowers 2018 Behind The Scenes Film

We think there’s one think most people can agree on and that is that January is pretty crap.

The weather is rubbish. It’s cold, wet and for a lot of people, it’s dark when you wake up and when you’re getting home from work. So thank goodness it’s over.

If you’re in need of something to kick start your February and bring a little bit of fun, excitement or joy into your life then the 2018 Warwick Rowers film will certainly do that.



You will most likely be familiar with the Warwick Rowers and their calendars as over the course of the last few the have been featured on news shows and in magazines around the world. At the end of last year they appeared on Loose Women and did a tour of Australia to promote the calendar and their charity, Sport Allies.

This year’s films are two hour long instalments, one set in the UK and as with the last couple of years, the other set in Spain.

Missing from this year’s films is Tristan who had become a regular feature of the last few years and other familiar faces had also made way for some fresh meat including Jorge, James and Herne.

Although the six packs and smooth chests might not be to everyone’s taste it’s hard to deny that the rowers have worked hard on their physiques to be athletic for their sport.



The UK film once again leaves the boathouse behind to visit stately homes which provides an interesting backdrop and opportunities for scenes and set-ups for the photoshoots.

The Spain film is set in a stunning villa in the hills overlooking the Mediterranean. There are several scenes throughout the film where the rowers are shown in their time off from shooting which offers an insight into who they are and what their interests are away from rowing and getting naked.



Now to the nitty gritty. Both films feature a phenomenal amount of full frontal nudity including an eye watering number of close ups of pretty much everyone’s cocks.

Being shy or bashful are qualities you would not associate with a Warwick Rower but none of the nudity is obscene, smutty or vulgar. One thing the Warwick Rowers and particularly photographer, Angus Malcolm, do incredibly well is deliver tasteful and artistic poses in the photos for both the calendar and book and these transition well into the film. Kind of like if Michelangelo released a “making of” film for when he carved David.

Our favourite scene in the film is the finale of the UK film which features the rowers running towards the camera, through a meadow. Once you see it tou’ll understand why that’s the case.

The films are available in various resolutions including 1080p and 4k.

The films, priced at £25.99 each or £44.99 for both, as well as all other Warwick Rowers products are available from the Warwick Rowers website.