SHU Rugby go full frontal in new “making of…” film.

The boys from the SHU Rugby are back and this time they have decided to go full frontal in the “making of…” film for their 2016 calendar.

SHU Rugby have been producing calendars and films 15 years and this is the first time players have agreed to reveal all to the camera. In previous films there has been the occasional accidental flash but some of the players this year decided to embrace nudity and pose without covering up.

SHU Rugby

The SHU Rugby films and calendar have always been a much lower standard than many others on the market and this years is no exception with low resolution video and poor audio in some parts but this is all part of the amateur feel. It’s clear that the film is self shot by a group of students on a shoestring budget. This is reflected in the price with the film available for £9 and the calendar for £5. £1 from each sale goes directly to their nominated charity, NASS (National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society).


SHU Rugby


What the film lacks in quality it makes up for in character with numerous clips of young guys having a laugh and posing naked. You get to see the banter they share which includes discussions on whether or not to fully expose themselves and how to make their equipment look more impressive on camera which results in several windmills.

All in all, a good effort from the players who continue to produce calendars and films when many others have stopped, possibly due to the dominance and popularity of the Warwick Rowers calendars and film. The guys at SHU Rugby are still going strong and hopefully, with improved video and audio quality in future films they have the opportunity to build on their legacy.

The film and calendar are available to purchase at the SHU Rugby Shop where you will also find other products including an anniversary DVD with clips from previous years’ films.