The 8 Best Moments From Sense8

Netflix announced this week that they would not be renewing Sense8 for a third season leaving a legion of fans around the globe begging for a proper ending to the show as the second season’s cliffhanger ending left many loose ends that need tying up.

Throughout the two seasons of the show which featured characters that were straight, gay and trans; rich, poor, law breakers and law enforcers; and from Mexico, South Korea, Kenya, Europe and the US. Directed by the Wachowskis, Sense8 was probably the most diverse and inclusive show ever created and was embraced by fans who many felt were finally seeing themselves represented for the first time.

In mark this sad occasion we’ve chosen to remember our eight favourite moments from the show.


1. Lito’s Pride Speech

After seeing his career almost end when he was outed as being gay, Lito accepted an invitation to be Grand Marshall of Sao Paulo Pride and he gave a moving speech to the crowd gathered below. “I am a gay man”!


2. Sun vs Mun

Fight scenes were one of the many strong points of Sense8 with excellent choreography, often mixing the strength of Will with the weapon skills of Wolfgang and the martial arts of Sun. One of our favourite fight sequences was when Sun fought with Detective Mun.


3. The Orgy

Who can forget one of the most memorable moments of the first season? Of course we had to include the orgy in our list.

*This video contains some nudity.


4. Who Am I?

If there’s one scene that sums up the ethos of Sense8 better than any other it is this one from early in the second season. Labels are the opposite of understanding.

*This video contains some nudity.


5. Take Your Hands Off My Daughter

After her parents had her committed and wanted her lobotomised in the first season, you could forgive Nomi for not wanting to be anywhere near them. However, she was reunited with them at her sister’s wedding. Just a shame that the FBI dropped in to arrest her. Fortunately Amanita and her father had her back.


6. Lito Crying

There were several times through the two seasons when Lito gave us some epic tears. Occasionally these were due to the difficulties he was experiencing in his personal and professional life but our favourite tears came when his acting skills were required.


7. Kala’s wedding

The wedding itself wasn’t what made this scene memorable or one of our favourites. It was seeing Wolfgang, standing naked in front of all the wedding guests that did. If you’ve seen the German film Free Fall, you will know this isn’t Max Riemelt’s first nude scene but we get to see much more of him here.

*This video contains some nudity.


8. What’s Up?

Some of the best and most memorable scenes in Sense8 are so good thanks to the show’s soundtrack. One particular scene involves a karaoke club and the track What’s Up by Four None Blondes. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a lobotomy.


We are hoping someone at Netflix sees these clips and realises the huge mistake they’ve made commissions a few more seasons, even if it does cost them several million dollars an episode.


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