The Warwick Rowers release first instalment of 2016 film

This year the Warwick Rowers have produced a trilogy of films and we’ve got our hands on the first release which follows the photoshoot for the 2016 calendar that took place in England.

The other two films are based in Spain and the US, following the shoot for some of the calendar images in Marbella and last year’s tour of Hollywood, New York City and Miami.

As every new film is released the rowers seem to be less bashful and reserved. In previous years there always seems to be a few rowers who keep themselves covered up but in this film there are no hands getting in the way and just 90 seconds into the film you get to see all the rowers in unobstructed full frontal splendour.

The nudity throughout the film is unabashed with plenty of cocks filling the screen on numerous occasions. However, at no point does the nudity feel perverse or salacious. Produced by Malcolm and filmed and directed by Damien Rae, they have once again worked together to create a truly artistic film that celebrates the male form.

The films have been shot in super high definition 4K resolution offering the most detailed view yet of the rowers in their spectacular, thirst inducing, naked glory. That is of course you have the correct TV or computer to view it on.


Warwick Rowers


This installment is 59 minutes long and is set at the boathouse and in the grounds of a country house near where the rowers train. This is the first film that has left the confines of the boathouse and we found this enabled the film to feature a wider variety of shoots which provided a refreshing change from the films of previous years which we have come to love. In an interview with us, photographer and creative mind behind the calendar and films, Angus Malcolm, explained the decision to venture elsewhere.

“After six years, I was fresh out of ideas on new ways to play with an oar! First off, the new deck at the boathouse wasn’t very photogenic, and the crops in the neighbouring fields weren’t high enough to give us the necessary cover. Fortunately, we’d talked to the local landowner about shooting in the grounds of his house, and he had kindly agreed. When we realised what a great backdrop this was for shots of the rowers at play, the idea started to emerge. We got shots of croquet, messing around with horses, drinking Pimms by the pool.”

Now who do we need to speak to about getting our own naked Will to come and serve us drinks? He’s our new favourite!

The films are available to purchase at the Warwick Rowers website.