The Warwick Rowers travel to Spain for newest film

Last week we brought you the news that this year’s Warwick Rowers film was going to be released in three parts and gave you our views on the first film, set in England. This week sees the release of the second instalment which follows the rowers travel to Spain for a photoshoot in the beautiful region of Andalusia. Featured in this film are Tristan, Will, Lucas, Tom and Alex.


Warwick Rowers


Rather than just being a film of the photoshoots, this time we hear more from the rowers as they discuss how the club is perceived by other rowing clubs as well as experiences they have had tackling prejudice and discrimination. While explaining how the money they have raised has made them a more competitive club, they also explain how Sport Allies is working to make sport more inclusive for everyone. This is a charming sequence interspersed throughout the film in which the rowers sit, legs intertwined, on an outdoor sofa, showing how comfortable the are being around each other and up close all while completely naked.

We still get to see photographer, Angus Malcolm, working with the rowers to produce some stunning imagery that has made it’s way into this year’s calendar.


Warwick Rowers


For this film, the shoots take place at several locations including down on the beach, much to the enjoyment of holiday makers and locals enjoying a relaxing visit with added naked rowers. Much of the film takes place in a stunning villa atop the hills of the Andalusian coast.


Naked Rowers


One of our favourite parts of the film is when the rowers are running up and down the beach as we get to see their athletic rears tensing with each stride and their cocks flopping and swinging from side to side as they race each other.

When we interviewed the rowers recently, They said “we have kept a character secret that nobody knows yet called Johnson, and he might be the one people should look out for in the film!”

The secret is out now. After watching this film more times than is perhaps healthy, we’ve worked out that “Johnson”, in this film is most definitely Will’s considerably lengthy penis.

The films are available to purchase at the Warwick Rowers website.