Tom Daley receives abuse on Twitter after semi final exit

Following Tom Daley’s premature departure from the Men’s 10m platform competition at the Rio Olympic Games he became one of the top trending topics on Twitter. Unfortunately, it seemed that plenty of people thought that his poor performance gave them license to launch a torrent of abuse at the two time Olympic bronze medallist.

One thought it would be amusing to suggest Daley was a woman, not only insulting Daley but disrespecting women everywhere by making out that being a woman is a bad thing.



Others just got straight to the point, forgetting that Daley broke the Olympic Record in the preliminaries, securing his place as one of the best divers ever.



Then there were the particularly vile creatures who just went full on homophobe.



And @Problem4u1 clearly forgot about the 9 gold medals Daley has won at the European and World Championships, and Commonwealth Games.


Fortunately there were plenty of positive tweets heading Daley’s way.

Many, including the user @henrycehudson, pointed out the positive impact Daley has had on LGBT people since he came out and how many people see him as a role model.



Some quite rightly pointed out that those posting abusive tweets should give it a go for themselves if they think it’s so simple.



Like us, many people were looking forward to see him work towards competing in Tokyo in 2020.


Others just tried to empathise with Daley and reassure him of the support he has from his fans.



We will leave the final word with Daley’s fiancé, Dustin Lance Black.