Warwick Rowers 2016 calendar – first look

The 2016 Warwick Rowers calendar has begun hitting people’s doormats as the preorders have begun shipping. For those who donated to the crowdfunder campaign, the calendars

This calendar really has progressed from a cheeky game of hide the sausage (behind the oars) into a real piece of art, not least thanks to photographer Angus Malcolm and you can see how much effort he has made to make this the most visually impressive calendar yet.

This is evident in the first image as January has been shot in Marbella and the Costa del Sol has lived up to its name with the sun creating an excellent contrast of shadows against the backdrops of the blue skies.

One of our favourite shots in the calendar is June which features Lucas and Tom basking in the sun on the edge of the pool. The pair, who are obviously both incredibly handsome have a certain serenity the comes out of the calendar.

Bum lovers will be longing for August as five of the rowers pose with their backs to the camera as they look out from the balcony of the villa in Marbella.

Warwick Rowers

Returning back to these shores for the latter months of the calendar and September features a game of croquet while October sees the return of the piggyback pose that became synonymous with the rowers following the 2015 calendar.

The last shot in the calendar sees Tristan, Tom and Will frolicking in bed… with a dog. The lucky thing!