World Naked Bike Ride: Kristopher’s Story

When the World Naked Bike Ride began it was as a protest on oil dependency and car culture but over the years, many of the riders have used the opportunity to raise money for a cause close to their own heart.

When he discovered a lump on one of his testicles a few years ago when living in Milan, Kristopher Adamson immediately thought the worst.

“It’s a scary thing, and it was made worse by the fact it was my first time away from home.”

Adamson made the decision to travel home to undergo tests.

“I didn’t want to be alone if the results were bad.”

Fortunately it wasn’t serious.

After the scare, Adamson has attempted to raise awareness of testicular cancer and take the terror away from finding a lump.

“I can’t even begin to explain how important it is to check yourself monthly and catch lumps early.

“I for one have really sensitive balls and don’t enjoy it at all, but I know how important it is.

“I think a lot of men don’t like going to the doctor and making a fuss, but taking a few minutes of your day could save your life. DO IT!”

His latest effort to raise awareness will see him participate in the London leg of the World Naked Bike Ride this Saturday.

“I want to raise money for Everyman, as they’re specifically focused on researching treatments for testicular and prostate cancer.

“I’d love if people want to donate to the cause. I’ve set up a JustGiving page where people can donate.”

This isn’t Adamson’s first Naked Bike Ride having participated last year and being comfortable with your body helps.

World Naked Bike Ride


“I love going to the gym and keeping fit, and I’ve accepted my body and work with it, rather than against it.

“One day I just decided ‘Fuck it’ and decided to be myself. Be the best version of you!”

If you want to donate and support Kristopher Adamson as he does the World Naked Bike Ride in London then you can donate on his JustGiving page. Also, if you’re in London, head down and show your support in person.