WWE Women’s Royal Rumble – Our Predictions

Former WWE Superstars

In the Men’s Royal Rumble, everyone waits in anticipation to see which wrestling greats might make a cameo. Although they will never win, everyone loves a bit of nostalgia and to see their favourite former wrestler return and hit their signature moves.

Brie Bella
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Anyone that watches the scripted reality show “Total Divas” will know that Brie Bella is missing the feeling of being in the ring and seems to want to make a comeback. As it’s scripted reality, it’s difficult to know if it’s true or just for the show, but she definitely seems keen to bring “Brie Mode” back to WWE. The Royal Rumble will be an excellent place to do that.


Beth Phoenix
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Before retiring in 2012, Beth Phoenix became a four time women’s champion and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017. Phoenix will be returning to WWE this month as a commentator for the Mixed Match Challenge so is clearly still in with the powers that be at WWE HQ so it wouldn’t be a huge surprise for if the Glamazon made an appearance.


Michelle McCool

The day after the Women’s Royal Rumble was announced, Michelle McCool tweeted about the event and hinted that she would be up for getting involved. The wife of WWE legend The Undertaker, McCool stepped out of the squared circle for good in 2011 but we think she would be keen to get back in the ring for one night, especially if her husband surprised everyone by entering the men’s event.



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In recent year Lita has appeared regularly on WWE television, including working on Pay-Per-View Pre-Shows, being a commentator on the Mae You Classic and unveiling the new WWE Women’s Championships at Wrestlemania 32.

Although Lita officially left WWE in 2006, she has made many appearances including in an in-ring segment on Raw’s 1000th episode where she beat Heath Slater in a match, so there might be a chance we will see a Litacanrana during the Royal Rumble.


Trish Stratus
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When the female Superstars were still called “Divas”, Trish Stratus was the arguably the best. Stratus won her final match in WWE, winning the Women’s Championship for a record breaking seventh time.

She had made several in ring appearances since retiring in 2006 and would be a fan favourite if she was to enter the Royal Rumble.


Kelly Kelly
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At 19, Kelly Kelly was one of the youngest ever “Divas” when she made her WWE debut and had a relatively short career, retiring at 26. We are pretty sure the crowd will “pop” if the countdown ends and we hear “Holla Holla” as her entrance music hits.


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